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Dead set, I thought. Someone like, say, your child, whom she mistook for a burglar and shot by mistake. Or, possibly, you. The best-trained soldiers in the world shoot the wrong people from time to time. Even if your wife is an ex Int warrant officer, and puts five hundred rounds down at the pop-up range three times a week, she could still make a mistake. To emulate Jim Macdonald: when someone's wife mistakes him for a burglar, you know the difference? The men who didn't have a gun in the house "for protection" are sitting there possibly slightly bruised with their wives, and maybe the police, reassuring each other, laughing nervously, drinking coffee and apologising for all the fuss.

The ones who had a gun in the house are just sort of lying there. Probably unnecessary note: of course I don't mean to suggest that women are more likely to make this sort of mistake than men. I'm dealing with the scenario as presented. NC has had a concealed carrying law on the books for years; it was pushed through by those claiming it would reduce violent crime. Since it was enacted, I have yet to hear of a crime prevented or stopped by a gun-toting civilian.

Violent crimes are still around and not reducing in number, either. When I was about four, I had a cap-gun. My father had given it to me. He told me 'never point a gun at anyone unless you intend to use it. He spanked me. Later, in another country, when I lived on a farm I never went out on the farm unarmed -- I always carried a cutlass in my belt. Many's the tree and bush that fell helpless before me. Tonight on the Skiffy Channel, a movie original Fragano the Slayer - The Early Years For what it's worth, I can't make sense of the way the British "Association of Chief Police Officers" are pushing for more anti-gun laws.

Not, at least, as a rational response to armed criminals. Combine it with their lobbying in other matters, and they start to look a lot like an organisation trying to create a police-state. They're both laws which try to put some limit on what laws legislators can make, and courts can enforce. And they're both laws which legislators seem to be willing to ignore or warp beyond all recognition.

What old Jarhead doesn't understand is that I'd rather my wife be puking over the fact that she just killed someone than have her raped. Hm, having read Jarhead's comments, it seems abundantly clear that the Marine in question understands the tradeoffs that surround self defense, including the tradeoff that it is better to be alive and puking rather than dead and dead. But what Jarhead also seems to understand is that there are other tradeoffs being made.

Most people who think they'll be clear headed and logical and rational when it comes time for them to "shoot to kill" are people who have no actual experience in what they're talking about. The people who think they will be fully informed of the situation when they pull the trigger tend to be people who've never actually been in that situation. You are terrified and you think a gun will make you safe. You can't even admit your own fear. Instead, you say it's really about your wife needing protection from evil-doers, not you.

You're not afraid at all. You'll be completely clear headed when it comes time to shoot into the shadows at some unseen monster. That really seems to boil down the difference between those who have and those who have not. People who have, know fear will be present in the moment, know its something that will always be present, and know its something that affects every decision to employ force.

Problem: too many criminals carrying guns. Solution: make it more difficult to get hold of guns by introducing more anti-gun laws. Explanation: This will work because there are two sources of firearms for criminals: legal and illegal. Reducing the number of legally held weapons will make it more difficult for criminals to own firearms legally, or to steal them from their legal owners.

Increasing penalties for illegal possession will discourage people from illegally possessing, importing or dealing them. That doesn't seem too obscure and I'm not sure that ACPO is having a particular push on gun ownership at present Presumably, after a few minutes like that it would have been so far off zero he couldn't have hit anyone with it. More broadly: if you must have a gun, I rather like the Cook Islands' approach to gun control. You can have as many guns as you like, but you can only buy ammunition from the police, and you have to account for the last lot before you can buy more.

I agree with some of what he says. And parts of it would certainly be good advice for a novice adult gun owner. However, I think that once you've gotten the psychological aspect out of the way and have a certain degree of ability and familiarity with your gun s , practicing every month is not necessary. Shooting is not that difficult, and once you've learned it it's sort of like riding a bicycle. What's more important is learning to be calm under pressure situations where you might find yourself needing the gun, which is probably harder to learn or teach.

A high percentage of gun owners and all whom I know grew up with guns, keep them readily accessible and loaded, never practice, and have never had any sort of accident. I also didn't agree with his view on keeping weapons locked up and the little-girl-in-the-garage episode; I think it highlights a fundamental error his approach to using a firearm for home defense.

What I mean is, the algorithm I have in my head when it comes to home defense esp. It's possible he has this misconception from having gotten his first firearms training from being in the Marine Corps - the military mindset with weapons' use is much different from that of defensive use with appropriate training from an early age and as a former Marine who got his first firearm at age 8, I know something of both worlds. Same thing happens in hunting accidents - people are primed and ready and they shoot before fully identifying their target, and it turns out it was some other hunter rather than a deer.

I also disagree regarding caliber - it isn't that important. What's more important is choosing a weapon that matches the intended use, and that you're comfortable shooting. For example, if you're planning on carrying a concealed weapon, you want something that is small and comfortable enough for you to always have with you - a. There's a misperception that a more powerful weapon will be more effective, which simply isn't true - shot placement is much more important than muzzle energy.

They don't just "drop dead" or slump to the ground like they do in the movies. Cops have countless stories of shooting people a dozen times with 9mm or. This is because, unless you hit a vital organ or the CNS, gunshot wounds are highly survivable. So if you're using a handgun for home defense, yes, get the largest caliber you're comfortable shooting which for most women would be a 9mm or.

The question isn't hitting the target, per se, but rather getting the weapon, clearing it of its storage device be it holster, gun safe or mattress identifying the threat, determining the need to shoot and not missing. They, after all, are spending every day in places they ought to be thinking of such things. They do it because it's a perishable skill, and requires practice to maintain.

Soldiers, esp. They don't even have the shoot don't shoot problem the Rules of Engagement are never, in a combat zone, more restrictive than, "if you think you, or another soldier is in peril, you can shoot". Because shooting under stress is hard. You aim high, you freeze, you forget to take the weapon off safe. The mgazine malfunctions and you forget to pull immediate action. All of that is ameliorated by practice, so that clearing, making ready, firing and adjusting for error correcting malfunctions and reloading are all made automatic.

So that a jam doesn't equal just hitting the deck and cowering. Caliber does matter. Reagan was shot in the lung. He didn't know it until someone saw the blood. He thought the pain was a bruise from being knocked down and dragged into the car. James Bond, and his. The question isn't who is shooting, but who is being shot, and. To relegate sub-optimal equipment to them, thus decreasing their odds of using it effectively smacks either of magical thinkig the mere act of having a gun will make the problem go away or a careless disregard for the facts, and their persons.

The advice to make, "head shots" is at least as bad. Shooting under stress causes people to aim high this is why deulling pistols were made to shoot low, and had heavy muzzles. Heads are high, small, and prone to movement. Shooting at them, esp. Aim for center mass, and hit high, the target is still likely to be hit. Aim for the head and shoot the same amount over, and the bullet is going to hit something unintended. A 9mm. All come in versions compact enough that someone who wants to carry them concealed can do so.

So advocating the use of under-powered weapons, because any gun is better than no gun, is worse than wrong. It's immoral because it increases the risk to the bearer, and the surrounding public, by requiring applications which take more training, and have a significantly higher rate of failure; with damage to other persons. So if the first point you get to identify the threat is when a panicky burglar in your garage who does have his finger on the trigger shoots at the noise he thinks he hears and hits you, you lose.

Though if you don't have a gun, you have no chance whatsoever of firing back. There are areas of the US where, based on what I've heard about the chances of intruders being armed and happy to be violent and the lack of police response, I would choose to own a firearm and practice with it rather than rely on just hiding upstairs and not caring if the garage was burgled. I believe that the argument over gnu control is related to arguments about the right to keep and arm bears. Alan Braggins: First, as has been gone into at length in other places see Respectful of Otters, and a recent thread at Majikthise for discussions, repsectively on perceived, vs.

More importantly, as Massad Ayoob has shown at his gun-training camps for police, and other sorts who have to train to go into places where people are going to be likely to be armed, and hostile. The person who is moving, is almost always the one who ends up shot. Trained cops, at the end of a two-week course did an entry and search. The stationary bad guy killed all of them. When the situation was reversed the students were playing both roles the moving players were again shot.

This was with the moving players outnumbering, by as much as eight to one, the guy s inside. The best course of action, even when armed, is to get everyone into a single location best course is for the person with the gun to round everyone up barricade everyone behind something large a bed is good, concealment and diffusion of targer and wait. Since everyone has been accounted for, if someone comes in, you know you aren't going to kill a family member. If all they wanted was to steal the car, no one got shot far and away the best end-state. The oldest usage of the term"'well-regulated militia" I am aware of is from Fletcher's A Discourse of Government with Relation to Militias , published in By "well-regulated militia" Fletcher meant univeral conscription and military training.

Source ; it's an Excel spreadsheet. Lots more historical wage data files at the International Institute of Social History's site. I doubt the modern "pro-gun" reading of the second amendment. It simply would not have passed in the day if it been an unlimited firearms license--the Federalists never would have supported it. As far as I can tell, it was intended to protect the state militias.

IIRC ". Was the Second Amendment written with poor farmers and hunters in mind? I suppose it's possible, but that wasn't what the Framers said--the Amendment after all mentions the militia. By the way, I suspect the majority of subsistence hunting was done with shotguns, which were not militia weapons, hence the concentration on small game--muskets were inaccurate and rifles demanded skill and took forever to load. Yes - I didn't mean I wouldn't also hide upstairs and hope if I thought there were armed intruders in the garage if I did have a gun to use if they did come up.

As things actually are living in the UK I take it for granted that burglars aren't armed and expecting to shoot, because they are taking it for granted that homeowners aren't. And I see no likelyhood of having to move to the sort of place I had anecdotal accounts of - if I did, I'd do some actual research before making a decision. Those circumstances arise in firefights.

I certainly agree that practicing skills like marksmanship, firing status safety off , etc. You know you have the ability to hit a home invader should the need arise. You may disagree, and I certainly agree with you that an adult novice ought to practice I don't say that out of bravado, but simply because I know it to be true, and my friends and family who are lifelong gun owners would say exactly the same thing. It simply isn't rocket science or some super-difficult skill to point a gun and hit a man-sized target, and making it seem that way is a disservice in my mind.

I never knew a hunter and I've known dozens who felt it was necessary to "practice" hunting once they learned what they were doing and marksmanship, which most of them did by the age of When hunting season comes, you go and hunt. Yes, and if he had been shot in the head with that. I said 'a. Everyone should choose a caliber and weapon appropriate to their size and strength My point was that NO caliber is adequate for 'reliably killing an attacker' unless you hit them in a vital area.

ROBLOX - Scary Stories

This is indisputable and again is pure physics. It is a mistake to choose a caliber that causes recoil a given person has difficulty handling under the false impression that the increased muzzle energy is going to magically "take the attacker out". It won't without proper shot placement. I never advised aiming for headshots; I stated that only headshots guarantee immediate incapacitation - are you disputing that? Ever heard of a double-tap? The head is the secondary shot.

I agree that center-of-mass is the optimal target area and should almost always be the preferred shot; my point was that a shot to the head is about the only sure way of taking out an attacker, whatever caliber of weapon you're using short of a shotgun. A double-tap would almost always be your best bet with a handgun. If you feel that way, don't carry one. But there are plenty of people carrying concealed with.

James Bond may be fiction, but the Walther PPK he carries is plenty real, and a preferred weapon for many people. Your opinion that they are 'underpowered' is just that - your opinion. Mine is that I'd rather have a small comfortable. I don't know about the total effectiveness here, but there are pretty good statistics for one-shot stopping power of various sizes of gun, and the differences between, say, shooting someone in the torso with a. IMO, if you're going to have a gun, you've decided to prepare to use lethal force.

If you're not crazy, you're only planning to use it if there are no good alternatives to killing someone. So you probably want the shot to actually kill the guy right then, rather than just make your killer easy for the police to identify when they find him in the ER. That said, the two people I know who have used weapons in self-defense situations both ended the situation without hurting anyone.

In one case, it was a cousin of mine pulling a gun on her abusive ex-husband, and apparently, he believed correctly that she was willing to shoot him. I think this is an important point. Some people have good reasons to think they're at risk of attack. For example, if you make late-night cash deposits from your business to a bank, or if you have an abusive ex-husband who's threatening you, or if you live in a really high-crime neighborhood, your risk is plausibly pretty high. But our risk-evaluation circuitry is evolved for hunter-gatherer land and small agricultural villages, not for mass media and dramatic TV cop shows.

It's easy to imagine that your risk of some horrible attack is very high from what you see on TV, and yet, it's pretty rare. In my entire life, there have been maybe two times I would have liked to have a gun available, and neither time did I turn out to need it. And, to cross-thread link, I worry about risk balancing with a gun. If you have the magic-wand view of guns, it's easy to imagine that having one makes you much safer, and that can lead to taking bigger risks than you think you're taking. Even if you have an accurate assessment, won't a gun make you less likely to run away from a potentially dangerous situation?

Just as with the seatbelt thread, that doesn't mean that a gun is useless or doesn't help with self-defense, just that the total effect of having it is probably more complicated than you might expect. WebmasterX 85 I'd rather my wife be puking over the fact that she just killed someone than have her raped, tortured, or killed because she didn't want to worry about the after effects of blowing someone straight to hell.

And do her preferences in this matter concern you? After all, she, not you, will be the one going through the experience and the associated psychological trauma. Does she get a vote in which it will be? If--God forbid--my partner ever had to experience one of two horrible options, I'd pray she experienced whichever would cause her the least trauma and damage, regardless of how I felt about it. And while I don't live in the worst neighbourhood here, I also don't live in one of the expensive neighbourhoods either. It's not exactly a terrifying daily trial to live here.

I try to remember to lock the door when I come in, but sometimes I forget. Actually at my previous place in Oakland I realized after I'd lived there six months that I'd never locked the back door. My "home defense" is a determination that any burglar may take all my stuff. It's just stuff. I'm not going to shoot some poor, stupid kid over a TV, in the unlikely event I'm burgled while I'm home, and even if he's armed pretty likely I don't think he'd want to shoot an unarmed, unresisting resident.

The chance of a rampaging murderer coming in is zero. I never understand why this scenario is considered plausible, unless you make a lot of really serious enemies - when people kill people at random, they tend not to do it by going into their homes, as far as I can tell.


My major anti-burglary precaution is to leave a couple of lights on all the time CFs, of course. Burglars really, really don't want to go into a house that's occupied. See also: Lethal Force Institute. That's an expensive commitment! On the "when to shoot" issue: the way I learned it is that the only time you can shoot is when you have to shoot - to protect yourself or persons under your protection from a clear and present threat of deadly force. But, of course, that's just in war zones. Rules may be looser in suburbia.

Second point: burglars normally don't want to meet householders. They normally burgle during the day when people are out - at night they know people will be at home and likely to cause trouble. The whole "burglar downstairs" theory is really, really unlikely.

You're much more likely to get into a violent situation a from your spouse or b in the street. SGT: Yes, I did. I like the Browning [9mm] but I prefer the. SGT: Yes, I normally have a. So what do you do in your civilian job? Are you a policeman or a state trooper or something? SGT: No, I work in an office in a sawmill. See also the rule of the Onion Field - the rule of don't provoke the gun-toting nit-wit reminds of some bingo cards I've seen lately.

Roy Chapman was well known in certain circles for being the only man ever to "survive" a particular fun house - he started his run by shouting police officer everybody down and then ran through the house shooting everything in sight including all the no-shoots. This to make a point as to the trade-offs necessary for survival of even the very most able.

See also e. Steven Hunter's somewhat controversial book on the defense of Blair House - and Harry Truman - by trained professionals who also shoot high - and who also bleed. My own suggestion on firearms for personal defense is that one should never allow a gun to take you where you wouldn't go without a gun. For some people the rule is you have to go out ; for others no such rule. Last week, I was in the town of my alma mater, and my wife and I were having dinner at a pizzeria not far from campus. Across the aisle from us were four kids in a booth.

About what you'd expect from college students having a night out; they were goofy, smart, opinionated, a little awkward, a little loud, a little given to melodrama, and very obviously knee-deep in the process of figuring out who they are. My God, I thought, from my venerable year-old perspective; they're so young. I recognized them instantly as the kind of crowd I hung out with, or wanted to, back when I was one of them. Forget stress and hormones and drink and drugs. The thought of those four pulling heat at the entrance of an armed assailant will only resolve itself in my head as some sort of Tarantinoesque black-comedic farce.

In the real world, the chances of that situation ending in something other than tragedy and horror are vanishingly small. I know I wouldn't want my life in their hands in such a situation nor theirs in mine, for that matter. I do know people who I would trust with my life in a crisis like that, and might have even at 18 or 20; but random students in the middle of going about their lives? Not even a little. Not that the idiot assertion that weapons on campus would make everyone safer needs further refutation, but: Think of the college-age people you know.

Now imagine a. See if that feels like a reassuring thought. Johny: I "grew up with guns". It was some 35 years ago I first fired one. I make my living with them. I teach marksmanship. I am in the Army. My father is a sherrif's deputy in Tenn. I've spent more nights than I like to think of sleeping with a rifle in arms reach, and more nights than I wanted to not sleeping, with a rifle in my hand.

You were the one who said an inadequate weapon was just fine for a woman. My take that such a reccomendation was contemptible did project sexism on you, but the same arguments against it would apply had you said I a slightly built man, of lbs. Knowing how one's equipment works is incumbent. As for Reagan, had it been a 9mm Silvertip, his odds of surviving go way down. The other arguments against trying for head shots not even going into the legal complications which arise if it becomes known one so trained don't go away.

You say you aren't advicating for headshots, but you are advocating for use of a caliber which pretty much requires headshots. You can't argue both sides of the coin. And training will deal with the issues of recoil. I weigh lbs. I fire. I used to shoot competition air rifle, so for a couple of years a light day was 50 rounds, and I didn't fire less than five days a week.

If anyone is going to, "own" the skills, I am one of those people. And even so, when I've not gone to a range in more than a month, I am ragged with my first group. The first shots are always accompianied even with weapons I know and enjoy a slight concern about how the recoil is going to feel.

As for what to read, my previous comments in this thread might be a good place to start; esp. I'm not against the carry of firearms. I'm against the stupid carry of them, and even more agsinst advice which makes the carrier, and the public less safe. I don't think anything less than a. Given that I think advising people to carry them is preaching the "magic" of guns, as opposed to the facts. Guns are useful, they are not a panacea, and a one which works poorly is worse than none, because it's like taking a go-kart to an F1 race. The link to the M musket seems to have gotten damaged, probably because of length and complexity.

TinyURL version. That is, by the way, from the Springfield Armory National Historic Site collection archive , run by the National Park Service--it's an absolute gold-mine of period artifact information, including many weapons, but the search facility is quite cranky. Hmmmm, a lot of damning with faint praise but except for dismissing my "misconception" thereby leaving the land of different opinions and entering the one where you are demonstrably right beyond cavil a thoughtful post.

Please remember the audience the original article was written for - not the home defense crowd, not people with significant weapons experience. It was written in response to a thread started by a female family law attorney joined by others with similar concerns frightened by an incident where an estranged and enraged husband came into a law office threatening death and destruction.

She had floated the possibility of arming herself. My intent was not to provide a do-it-yourself-guide to armed self defense but simply to try and communicate the enormous gulf that exists between the thought "You know, I should get a gun" and getting one and being ready and able and effective in using it.

It is certainly possible that with your training and knowledge that you could have confronted a child in the garage at night with your weapon in condition one and not felt that you had placed her in any danger. Once again, I was trying to reinforce the idea of making informed choices - I have been fortunate that I have never lived at least in the U. Training and experience and equipment can minimize that risk but it cannot eliminate it.

And yes, she did find her bunny rabbit, but not in the car. And 68 - Chris Davis. Exactamundo - this happened where I live and the shop owner faced a young man who had been shooting up the mall, shooting everyone he could see. He had a licensed, adequate, and operable weapon and decided that he couldn't fire because the shooter was a "kid" 20 years old. Fortunately when the kid shot him he was the last victim of 6 and yes he is paralyzed. My first thought was "what if he had shot the guy and then go on down the mall and killed some kids".

But that was exactly my point - here we had a trained at least minimally , armed, and prepared physically citizen facing a nutjob and the only thing his possession of the gun accomplished was to make him brave enough to stand up and face the shooter rather than run for his life and then get shot three times because he couldn't use it. He would have been far safer without the gun. Petit Have you ever fired a gun pulled from a drawer, in an enclosed space, without hearing protection?

I have fired GI ball from a. I did not of course pull the pistol from a drawer but I don't think that would make any difference. I do have a notch at 4kHz presumed traceable to acoustic trauma but many people have much more hearing loss.

On the whole "light caliber" guns thing: I don't own guns, I'm not at all accustomed to firing guns and I'm a pretty scrawny guy - pounds most of my life. The one time I went to a range with friends, on a visit to Vegas, and tried out shooting an assortment of handguns, I had no particular trouble hitting the targets with the 9mm,.

The latter was only a little bit harder to control. It seems to me the whole recoil factor must be overrated, certainly as it compares to even moderate practice. I grew up with guns. I have taken a couple of courses in defensive shooting, and I have a license to carry a concealed pistol.

Being somewhat obsessive, I have a gunvault next to my bed where I keep my carry pistol when not carrying it. I also have electronic hearing protection and one of the extra-bright flashlights commonly referred to as "tactical" within easy reach in the dark. All that being said, if I think our house is being broken into, then I'm going to wake my wife up, gear up, get my daughter from her room, and then we're all going to hide in the master bedroom. I will call the police using my cell phone's speakerphone. When they arrive, I will throw the key to the front door out the window with a glowstick attached.

No dang way am I going to go walking around my house in the dark without knowing who might be there. You can get killed pulling that crap. Terry The person who is moving, is almost always the one who ends up shot. That could probably be an addendum to Old Jarhead's piece: If you do decide to get a weapon and arm yourself, and the situation comes up, don't go out looking for trouble. Instead, circle the wagons, stay put, keep your head down, and call the police. Clearing your home, room to room, against an armed intruder is not something you want to do if you go to the range one every couple of months and do stationary target practice.

In the case of the guy whom was telling me scary stories, IIRC the time he was most glad he had the gun turned out later to be people who thought their drug dealer had ripped them off and had slightly the wrong address. He didn't use it or go out looking to see what the trouble was , but he felt better having it. And I can't say he was wrong. Speaking of things in the Springfield Armory collection, here we have a rifle, probably owned by Jefferson Davis , complete with attached pro-South screed--not sure how said screed got into the museum's database.

One thing I always thought was odd, and maybe I'm misinformed about the law here, is that you can get a handgun, a tiny weapon with a short barrel, or you can have a longgun, a rifle or shotgun with a longish barrel. But you can't get a pistol with a shoulder stock or similar. You end up with evil-associated terms like "sawed off shotgun" and whatnot. But I think those are illegal. My experience with weapons is I could reliably hit a mansized target out to yards, prone, with a rifle, using iron sights.

I could reliably hit a mansized target standing, with a rifle, and iron sights. But if you give me a pistol, I'm no good for anything beyond, maybe, 10 yards. If I'm lucky. Mostly, because shoulder, skull cheekbone , and hands, with a shoulder stock inbetween, forms a pretty solid triangle of bone and steel, with the muscles keeping things taut. But if I'm holding a pistol, its all in the muscles, and muscles are pretty shakey. I don't think you can own a short barelled weapon pistol length with a shoulderstock. But it seems like would be the best thing for home defense.

I haven't touched a firearm for a long, long time. So, maybe I forgot something obvious. In the wee small hours of the morning, I was filling up at a gas station back in El Paso, when I heard a loud familiar sound. I turned and saw a large, shaven-headed, glassy-eyed, slack-jawed fellow dressed all in black, firing a gun in the general direction of the desert behind the station. Everybody there scattered and dove for cover. I sat behind the dumpster great choice! I have a Texas Safe Hunter certification, but I don't own a gun. Sure you can - most people can, most places in the United States with all the obvious exceptions e.

It does require qualifying, registering with a special tax, and is subject to fairly restrictive rules on transporting, let alone carrying. Many, perhaps most, of the common folks who do own short barreled rifles put them in a business or a trust. Notice that the short barreled rifle is the weapon of choice for MOUT and for much warrant service and other attack on the household. It seems logical the weapon of choice for attack might well be the weapon of choice for defense. Clint Smith of Thunder Ranch fame is noted for saying the handgun exists to facilitate fighting to the longarm.

My father had a. Under BATF regs, it's classed as a sawed-off shotgun. He had to do fingerprints, photo, military serial number, and I don't know what else, just to register it. Took months to get through the process, as well as trips to the county sheriff's office. That was in I don't know what it would take now. Of course, of course. I knew some military folks when I was in college too, and I probably should've made that qualification.

Friend of mine was at Ft. Detrick while I was in school and always brought a vanful of his buddies out to my mom's annual summer party. Now, those guys I'd trust with my safety in a hard spot, guns or no guns. The creative-arts crowd I hung around with the rest of the time? Maybe not so much. Terry, "The person who is moving, is almost always the one who ends up shot. The flip side of this is that it suggests that one practical use for a private firearm is self-defense in a shop or office, if that is needed.

A big clumsy muzzle-loader which was about as accurate as a shotgun and had a nasty tendency to misfire, or even explode. To undercut my argument a bit, there were IIRC used muskets available. Still, I don't think a musket was useful for much of anything but militia service--a shotgun was much better for small game, and a rifle for large, provided one had the skill--and you may guess that when the family budget was drawn up, muskets didn't rank very high on it. The whole idea of conscripting the entire populace, or at least the young white male portion of it strikes me as fairly thoroughly insane for the infant USA.

It also wasn't particularly practical. I am now wondering why it ever seemed like a good idea. Maybe that's the way it had 'always been done'. Remember that the people who wrote it had, a lot of them, been in the militia, or their fathers had, and the militia was still an important element of the military in their lifetimes. It didn't matter that they might not have been the best of soldiers, they were people you knew and trusted.

Bloodmark Bloodmark Saga, 1. I received a copy of this book from Wise Ink Creative Publishing via Netgalley in return for an honest review "Without his bloodmark on the back of my I received a copy of this book from Wise Ink Creative Publishing via Netgalley in return for an honest review "Without his bloodmark on the back of my neck, I had no lineage and no family, no past and no future.

And I stress the really , unfortunately i had a bit of trouble with it! Allow me to explain. Okay, So here is what i thought the Plot would be about: A werewolf Princess with no hope. A land of mysteries. An arranged marriage. A frightful future. Enemies abound. Hope can be found. Love can be gained through the ashes of torn dreams. Blood will be spilled as evil lurks withing shadows. Ahh sorry, i know i went so dramatic there! It had to be done because when i read the premise there was so much excite!

How do I explain this? This book could've been a killer story, i mean, i was half in love with the idea and then i started reading and i just I just hated Ashling so much. She was SUCH a brat! H-A- B. T Frustration became a feeling i was thoroughly acquainted with. I'm sorry if this is a bit too blunt, but i honestly have to tell my opinion. When looking back on my annotations throughout reading i had a lot of "So cliche" and "typical" and "She's a brat! Ahhhhh I'm so annoyed! This book's story line was freaking great but the overall delivery Authors, 16 years old princess do not all have to be the same, they do not have to be like "I am so strong, but i need to be protected!

Everyone bow to me, but oh-shucks i'm so shy and annoying but everyone loves me! It is the pheronome you give off that they don't realize they are smelling. That's why they want to be near me?! Don't be a child princess! Anyway, have a go at it, for me it didn't quite make it, the idea is pretty cool though and it had a lot of potential to be a pretty awesome story. Stay awesome my lovelies!! I'm a newbie on facebook so please support moi! Nov 22, Feb 06, Releasing the Demons. Rose, L.

This book was such a good surprise! Rating 4. The human crime rate in New York City had been just about nil for decades. The Vampire crime rate Her job ensures that she takes down men, women When a body comes back burnt to a crisp and one suspect who seems to constantly elude them, Valerie knows that she will do whatever it takes to take this man down. When she meets the man she suspected for the crime, he turns out to be an unwilling ally, but knowing him makes her a target practice for those who seek his demise. Valerie's life and job just got a whole lot more complicated.

Don't fall for the Enemy. I really liked this book!! I'm usually so flipping sick and tired of the vampire stories, and usually someone says vampire and i run as far away as possible. But i loved every moment and character of this one. Did i just find a story with vampires that I liked? This story brings forth the Order of the Senary, men with superhuman abilities who destroy the vampires and rid the world of the threat associated with them. They're a bit like superheroes. We get to meet Blaze Knight, he's known as the firestarter. Blaze has had the most horrific past, being abducted and tortured by vampires when he was younger.

He is the essence of the tortured hero. Couple that with kick-butt heroine Valerie and you get quiet a pair! Okay, side note, This book is definitely a new- adult to adult series. Therefore there are sexual themes and violence, as well as language. You've been warned. Other than that, this book was very complex and fascinating! I can't wait to read about the other 'brothers' in the Order of the Senary. Nov 14, I received a copy of this book from the author in return for an honest review Skye has finally quit law enforcement to help Eric make seattle a safe h I received a copy of this book from the author in return for an honest review Skye has finally quit law enforcement to help Eric make seattle a safe haven for all.

However, when the events of what happened the night Kendall shifted at the Cafe comes back unclear, Skye knows something isn't right. Determined to seek the truth, she starts researching, What she finds out changes everything. I'm a little bit torn over this one! So this is book two of the Skye Montogomery series. Okay, we meet skye again from where we left the first book, however, Skye feels something off, there's something wrong and no one else seems to be aware of it. This follow up book was good, Kenny writes really well, and knows how to draw you into her scene. The whole time i kept thinking that this book is a version of CSI- Paranormal unit.

However, this book takes a different turn from where i thought the first book was going. But before i go too much into that, I just want to talk about character development. Skye is a kick-butt character, whose inquisitive mind is refreshing in a literary world filled with mind-numbing characters who tend to always be the same. I really liked that about this character. However,we didn't get that much of Eric. This book actually confused me a bit, particularly the end.

I feel like it has a bit of the middle-book syndrome and it didn't make a much sense to me because it's setting the scene for the third book. To be honest i don't know how I feel about it That didn't happen Like I mentioned before, it ended up taking a different twist and I'm not sure how I feel about it. I really liked Eric I know, I'm weird and in this one he So, in a way I'm kind of bummed, but like I said, it's still setting the scene for book 3. I am intrigued though, lets see where this goes.

Stay Awesome! Oct 21, Immortal Kiss. I received a copy of this book from World Castle Publishing in return for an honest review. This book is quite possibly the worst that i have read this I received a copy of this book from World Castle Publishing in return for an honest review. This book is quite possibly the worst that i have read this whole year. Rating- 0. I hate starting reviews like this, i really do. However, this book had me pulling my hair out in irritation. Therefore, for the sake of honesty, I feel compelled to explain all my feelings, including why i disliked this book with a intensity of a thousand suns.

I can't let go. Reasons why i disliked this book: 1. Insta-love 2. Insta- Lust 3. Insta- everything!! Irritatingly stupid female protagonist. Declarations of love within seconds of meeting. Did i mention, irritatingly stupid female protagonist? Chick who brings all the boys to the yard but is really, really irritating sorry there's no other word for it. These are just a few reasons Let me tell you something now this may contain potential spoilers, please tread with care This book begins by a mist in a shape of a man appearing in a young girl's life- so, in this part here I'm intrigued, kind of nodding and fascinated.

Then we get said girl Beth who is with her boyfriend, whom she quickly professes her love. However, the moment he tries to get more serious A. The Lord Vladimir kidding, his name is Phillippe Delon appears, claims he's the vaporous lordship and they having met only seconds ago chose to go to his mansion. Beth fully knowing he's a vampire That's right, boyfriend she's been with for years ask for her to move in, the answer is no. A blood-sucking dude, she met for 5 minutes- she says yes And now this fantastically, stupid and irritating character has 2 vamps and 1 human who are in love with her and dying positively dying for her affections.

Bless her heart, she can't seem to figure who she loves more, so kiss all of them, yes, kiss all of them sounds great! I believe you're right, we're destined to be together" kill me right now. I'm sorry, I really don't mean to be rude, nor mean. But this is my honest opinion. Oct 18, Ready to Bear Greyelf Grizzlies, 5. I received a copy of this book from Shadow Creek Press in return for an honest review "Hatred will live and breed no matter what we do," Billy said. H I received a copy of this book from Shadow Creek Press in return for an honest review "Hatred will live and breed no matter what we do," Billy said.

His head feel back against the headrest. Let's jump straight to the plot! Sheriff William Billy Miller finally has caught the lead of the cold case he has been working on for the last 18 months. The dastardly man who almost ruined his pack and almost killed his alpha- Lukas Kasper has been sighted and he is going to catch him. Determined and angry he follows his lead to copper city where he hopes to finally enact justice on a wrong done. However, he never thought to stumble upon his mate during his investigation. Things begin a downward spiral when his mate turns out to be the human step-sister of the known shifter Carmichael family.

Thea Phillips is a mystery he seeks to unravel but soon, his life is hanging in the balance. I actually didn't know there was 3 books before this one! So it was with a bit confusion that i delved into this one. However,you catch on quickly because it's the story of an entirely different character. I will admit to curiosity on the first three books though! This book starts with Billy furiously searching out for the human man who is part of the Rally against Claws Organization. The characters in this book are nicely fleshed out, and developed.

However, this is very much of a romance and focuses a fair bit on Thea and Billy. I will also admit that it had some pretty cliche themes but overall i thought it was a really cute book. It's a nice Shifter romance with a bit of suspense, if that's what you're looking for then you won't be disappointed!

Oct 10, Splintered Souls Flames of Time, 1. Rating- 2. First of all, i don't think the blurb accurately portrayed what we were diving into- with this book. I say this because 1. I got the mother of all love triangles and 2. Did the blurb mention that? Am I slightly annoyed? Yes, i hate love triangles and love triangles with brothers involved, is death to my soul.

So from this point, I'll do a reiteration of what the blurb is actually about. Lady Catherine Fairchild was desperate and very pregnant. In her desperation she makes a deal with a witch, but magic always comes with a price. Her idea was for her baby to find his love - his soul mate, what she didn't count on, was the fact that she was carrying two babes and in the midst of this conflict, their souls are forever bound to love the same woman.

Splintered souls they call it and they must travel through time to find her and fight each other for her love. You know when I started this book I actually really liked it. It was good, fascinating, new and who doesn't like the idea of soul mates? See everything was nice and dandy, especially when a good looking boy on a motorbike makes an appearance And this one was freaking confusing as all heck! This annoys me a great deal, because Erica Dean has an awesome writing style and this story was flowing like a freaking waterfall and then i hit the rapids and i drowned.

I went from being intrigued to liking it, to then rage my way through it. Don't get me wrong, it's not a bad story, not a bad plot either and the writing is nice. It simply wasn't for me but have a go and see how you like it! I'm going to leave it there and let you make up your mind, but for me we weren't sympatico.

Oct 08, Mind of the Phoenix The Memory Collector 1. But worse, she is also an empath Thrown in jail and starved when she kills her owner, begging But it doesn't, life is a cruel mistress. Moira finds herself as the property of the 'Elite' and their police force need her help. They need to find out who has been killing off the Elite members of Braxton. Help the enemy? Help the people who have made her common, forced her to pleasure the men? Is there even a choice? Moira is assigned to Detective Keenan Edwards and finds herself thrown into a life that may just be her undoing.

This book was so great! I'm not even kidding, i freaking enjoyed this story! McLachlan created a world that shocked, frightened, hurt and ruined me! I really like Thrillers, i don't know why but i've recently acquired a taste for it. Therefore, combining this with the paranormal features of Empaths and adding a romance that made my heart bleed, the equation results in one happy reader!

However, this book isn't dirty, like it isn't gross. I would say that it is definitely a New Adult book though, just because some of the content just pulls at your heart strings and shocks the heck out of you. Okay let's talk characters- Moira is an amazing character. I can't even imagine what that life must've been like for her. To be The pain she carries around is so poignant, it'll hit you right in the guts. Which is why the tentative 'like' that develops with the detective was so freaking beautiful to me! Keenan Edwards, when I first met him, i had my doubts, i won't lie.

But the man just grew on me, he was so condescending but then when he finally spent time with her and learned who she truly was Also, the agony he goes through when he tries to solve a case, he's such a great character! The romance part, melted my heart, especially the hug that happened. I'm sappy but that just I lean forward and rest my forehead on his collarbone Look, let's have a real moment- it isn't the greatest steamspunk book i've ever read but I really enjoyed the characters and anguish and the suspense.

So be open-minded! Looking forward to that next installment! Oct 06, Beyond the Veil The Veil, 1. I kindly received a copy of this book from Victory Editing via NG in return for an honest review. Rating- 3. The illegitimate child of Asmodeaus - one of the seven princes of hell. You were sold at birth as a plaything for lesser demons.

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Muse traverses the world knowing that if she doesn't watch her back, she'll be killed, torture and everything the shadow world entails. She's wanted. But much sought out. Muse has a gift, and being the half daughter of a Prince of Hell makes her a trophy. But then an Assassin comes around and her world explodes in fire and brimstone. Running to the only help she can find- Akil, one of the Seven Princes of Hell She finds betrayals like she's never known before.

This book was a really good surprise! The writing was exquisite and Dacosta just sucks you into the world she created. She sure knows how to write a book full of romance, hate, suspense, danger, and the paranormal. I actually really enjoyed that, and I don't say that lightly. When this book began I really liked Akil, I always felt something off about Stefan, but maybe its unfounded. I don't know, I just have a weird feeling about him, i don't know why. Muse is pretty cool. She's kick- butt without being stone, she's feels and knows that many times she's powerless, but she will fight for whatever she believes in and has a stubbornness that defies logic.

Overall, the plot was brilliant and very developed. The characters were well- thought out and intricate. Great start to a series! Before I go, Caution: this book is definitely a New Adult book with intimate scenes! Sep 25, Hope less less Judgement of the Six, 1. Sep 30, Crystallum Primordial Principles 1.

I kindly received a copy of this book from Booktrope Publishing via NG in return for an honest review Laney McMann brings us another crazy cool story! Stay hidden. Don't lose your temper. Push the vibrations away. Control your emotions. Don't let anyone know what you can do.

And don't expose what you are. Let's hop straight into the plot Kadence has a secret, a secret so monstrous and big that she can't live her life as a normal girl. Her father keeps moving her around places, never staying long, reminding her that her temper could be her downfall. Never tell anyone, never let anyone see who you truly are. But the Devil's children are after her, wanting her to be something she hates. The one night, one glorious night, she tackles the boy who could change her whole world, but he wasn't made to be with her.

It's impossible, It's crazy. It's forbidden. Dare she trust to hope that she can be good in a world that believes her to be evil? When i first encountered Laney McMann, it was when i read her 'Fireborn' series. I remember being thoroughly impressed, the lady can write a heck of an original plot and spine tingling- clean romance that will leave you with a goofy smile on your face. This one didn't disappoint! I have a thing where i like to tell people straight up the Cons before i move on to the Pros, because i like to end on a good note.

SO here it goes- the thing that annoyed me was the aspect of a love triangle, i hate love triangles with the intensity of a thousand suns. I was so afraid that this would be another twilight- bella, jacob and edward scenario but it wasn't, again thank god. Next thing, while the world building is freaking fantastic and original, it came with a crap load of confusion.

McMann kind of did an overload of info very early on. She created an entirely different race, institution, world, etc I get that it was necessary but a part of me balked at the amount of facts i had to digest on the Primori, Primavera, Nefarius, Alveare,Patriarche, Anamolia, Araneum etc That's the cons, lets move on to the pros! That world- building! Hot dang McMann, how did you think this up? Great work! I really liked the idea of this! I will admit that I still have a lot of unanswered questions but I'm guessing that's to prolong the anticipation for book 2.

I really liked the characters too, my one thing is that Cole kind of came of as a try- hard early on, I kind of felt exasperated with him because i want to shake the arrogance out of him. But the boy grew on me, how can he not? Also, he has a sexy name! Mr Cole Spires- that rolls off the tongue sooo nicely! Kadence is a cool character, she's strong without being overtly so and understands when she needs help. Her pride doesn't make her act stupid and she's not scared of admitting her feelings or playing coy.

Just that in my eyes deserves a medal, coy- characters and I don't mesh. There was a cool Villain, this is going to be weird, but I hope McMann will make him creepier! He didn't seem evil enough! Stay awesome my lovelies! Sep 19, Stepping Stones The Stone Series, 1. Everett Galo has the most vivid moss green eyes and a smile that renders a person speechless. She has her best friend. She has a potential boyfriend. She has her brother and future sister in law. She has parents who love her. And then the world unravels, And then everything changes.

She may have woken up with her life perfect, but it only takes the blink of an eye to lose everything that mattered in your life. This book was freaking heavy. I feel kind of depressed after reading this to be honest. Not that it's not a good story but to be perfectly honest, some parts made absolutely no sense to me.

For example, we have a side of the paranormal in this story, where we meet comforters. So, i was intrigued, there's this whole brew-ha-ha about why they want Onna, so you start hypothesizing but still looking forward to the explanation. Dear folks, we don't get one. The romance was very insta-love like, it makes sense of why it happens but it was just so danged fast. This story is just one emotional basket case.

Seriously, yikes. It felt like it was more about a girl losing everything than about the aspect of 'guardians' or 'comforters' to be honest. However, my heart really goes out to Onna. This author writes well, but I just wished we had some answers! It made no sense to me that ending. Also why the heck did they send her back? Oct 03, Who's Afraid? Tommi Grayson 1. Following me down into the unknown was a piercing howl. Tommi Grayson is 22 years old, living in Dundee- Scotland, a passionate curator and artist, an eccentric blue haired gal, mourning the loss of her mother.

Tommi decides that the only way she'll cope is if she finds her father, not that she wants to meet him and have a reunion. Going to New Zealand to find those Maori long-buried roots, she stumbles into something that will forever change her life- the Ihi pack. She's abducted, tortured and almost raped. But the worst thing is- on a moonlit night, fur and howls overtake her life. This book was awesome! No joke! Bravo Maria Lewis! Also the characters were beautifully fleshed out, I loved Tommi's character! I'm still a little confused on the insistence of blue hair, but heck, who am I to cramp her style?

A job at Bill's gun shop, a permit to carry, and a chance to ride "Shotgun" on a bounty-hunt seem like 23 year old Dillori McCarthy's dream comes true. Dennis Buckstead has the hardest calling in his church. Not only has he been asked to coach a group of non-basketball players. He is to lead them to the championship. A young couple's weekend getaway at a secluded mountain ranch become an unfathomable nightmare when they discover the truth about the caretaker. Suits on the Loose is the story of two rebellious teens, Justin and Ty, and their breakout from a desert survival camp. Life affirming spiritual drama about love and loss set in the lush surroundings of Central Florida.

Sophie, Emma and Zoe Dunn are the only know deaf blind triplets in the world, they are 6 years old and live in Spring Texas with their parents. Ruiz is dead. In a small town in the Basque country, Lucas and Maria are an elderly brother and sister. Marcos and Roma are young and alone. They don't know that sooner or later they will all set out on a journey together. The city council of a major city wants to transform an abandoned house, of its property, in a community centre. The problem is that the house, it is inhabited by a group of squatters that have never had the intention of leaving.

The original masterpiece. The first Saura and Vittorio Storaro collaboration. The perfect marriage of son et lumiere. Both here in their last filmed performances. Twelve teenagers start their vacation with a party in an enormous house in the country. All is good until the unexpected happens: the host of the party falls off a cliff. Less bloody than previous encarnations but more graphic in the depiction of the beast itself. The low budget hightens the charming and endearing nature of the franchise.

The writers and stars of My Big Fat Greek Wedding return with a romantic comedy for the romantically challenged about a love-weary, uptight florist who reluctantly falls for a charming, but carefree restaurateur. Rick Penning lived like his rugby; fast, hard hitting, and outside the lines. Not until a DUI lands him in an out of state detention center does he realize that doing things his way may not be the best way.

The provocative journey of a successful but repressed advertising executive in full control of his life and career. Todd Harris John B. When Mel and Jules return from a girls' weekend vacation, they find themselves stranded at the airport, late on a rain-drenched night. A shortcut through the woods saved a lot of time getting to school, but no kids growing up in a suburban neighborhood dared to take it. Helen is hiding a secret which gradually penetrates the very fabric of her well-being and threatens her perfect family. Davis Guggenheim directs this once in a lifetime opportunity to see the greatest three electric guitarists together.

Sandra Laing entered the world a beautiful baby but no one, not the hospital staff, her mother, father or neighbours would admit the obvious. Magnolia Pictures, 49 W. When you discover that everyone is breaking the rules to win, do you follow the rules or your heroes?

Cocaine dealer Charles Cosby's life changes forever when he writes a fan letter to the "Cocaine Godmother" Griselda Blanco. Cosby soon learns that he is in way over his head. Kirby Dick casts a keen and wry investigative eye on the recent spate of DC sex scandals, uncovering the high costs of political hypocrisy and America's tortured prurience. A journalist is drawn into a dark and bizarre subculture as he investigates a story that ultimately leads him to the shocking truth about his physical disabilities and self-image.

After he accidentally travels back in time, a man slowly loses control over his own destiny. An unpredictable chain of events leads to an unthinkable crime…. The rise and fall of Nicky Barnes, a kid from Harlem who went on to become the biggest heroin distributor in the country. After a series of disastrous first dates, a thirty-something Manhattanite, cynical about love and relationships, meets a seemingly devil-may-care Frenchman with a passion for the unknown. Set in a working-class Long Island clam-digging community in , a corporation threatens the livelihood of four thirty-something best friends and diggers.

A young man with a terminal illness makes an unconventional request on local television, the catalyst of this popular and sensitive romantic comedy. A documentary about the Enron corporation, its faulty and corrupt business practices, and how they led to its demise. A gritty urban drama about a conflict between an architect and an activist critical of his public housing.

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A Pakistani involved in a planned terrorist attack in New York City experiences a crisis of conscience. Pre, a hero's story about a detective sergeant who truly believes that the only way to flight crime is "The Road of No Return". Adapted from popular Hong Kong manga, the movie features three young heroes in their quest of justice.

The survival handbook for career women-from those who experienced the ups and downs in past 10 years in HK history. A mythological tale set in war-torn ancient Greece where the young warrior prince Theseus leads his men in a battle against evil that will see the Gods and Men fighting against the Titans and Barbarians. A desperate reporter stumbles upon the story of a lifetime when he meets a former Special Forces veteran who provides him with background on an experimental army unit that was conceived for the purpose of ending war as we know it — utilizing paranormal powers.

A story of two estranged brothers competing for the love of their father, the respect of their peers, the survival of their families and the redemption of their pasts as they compete in a mixed-martial arts tournament. As the Black Plague rages across 14th century Europe, one brave knight Lavey, is tasked with transporting a girl suspected of being the witch who caused the pandemic to trial.

Master thief Charlie Beaumont meets his match when Rachel Moore, a sexy young con artist, gets in the way of his caper. Based on the best-selling novel by Nicholas Sparks comes Dear John, an unforgettable tale of love and sacrifice. Two wolves who are nothing alike — one a disciplined, Alpha-bred wolf and the other a fun-loving, comical Omega wolf — are captured and taken thousands of miles from their home.

The 4th Kind is a fact-based thriller involving an ongoing unsolved mystery in Alaska, where one town has seen an extraordinary number of unexplained disappearances during the past 40 years and there are accusations of a federal cover up. That night, each of the miners is pick-axed to death and their hearts are delivered to police - - each boxed like sick Valentine gifts.

John Skillpa is a man who keeps to himself. Unbeknownst to the quiet town of Peacock, John lives as both man and woman, Emma, within the walls of his own home. Henry Carter is a psychiatrist whose clients include an insecure young writer, a comically obsessive-compulsive super-agent and an actress whose opportunities are diminishing.

Follows the exploits of Bliss, a rebellious teenager whose overbearing mother would like nothing more than for her to become a beauty queen. Hulk Vs. Wolverine - Hulk and Wolverine are about to enter the fiercest battle of their lives. And they have no idea that there are a few unpleasant surprises waiting for them on the other side.

Thor - For all the battles Thor has fought, in all the nine realms, only one creature has ever been able to match his strength—a mortal beast of Midgard known as The Incredible Hulk. Thor secretly embarks on the journey of a lifetime, joined by his loyal brother Loki, whose budding sorcery equips him with just enough magic to conjure up trouble. Unlike Earth, the desperate people of Sakaar believe a monster is just what they need. But will the Hulk be the one to save their world… or destroy it?

In this fun-filled action-adventure, two deputies are shaken up when a girlfriend is kidnapped by a particularly nasty drug lord. The duo decides to defy their boss and head off on an outrageous road trip to save her. This outrageous sequel to Waiting follows the continuing adventures of the wait staff at Shenaniganz restaurant.

Sexy Vegas strippers thought they came up all aces after successfully pulling off a plan to rob a casino, but one member of the team is holding a card no one sees coming. Phaedra is struggling to make it as a rocker in a world of pop-stars, but with the help of her friend and a little creative lying she might just have a shot. A group of young drug dealers make the biggest mistake of their lives when they front a pack of Kush to a risky crack-head.

The haunting spirit of a woman who drowned her babies centuries ago has returned to claim more children as her own! A professor and his students unleash a long dormant curse and soon find themselves in a battle with skeletal warriors. The adventure of a lifetime just might turn into the last adventure of their lives.

Just when he seems to find vindication, his past comes to confront him in a bloody show down. Over girls have been killed in Juarez, Mexico. No one knows who is responsible. A private investigator searches to learn the truth behind the murders. With nightfall comes an unstoppable creature with a strange intoxicant that causes a powerful addiction, blurring the lines between craving and terror, between friend and foe.

What transpired is the most frightening and tragic paranormal investigation in the history of "Ghost Hunting". Detective is on mission to investigate an underground fighting ring. While battling his way to the top, he discovers the organizers are undead! When Alex King finds the people around him are turning into mindless, flesh eating zombies, he and his companions fight to find his missing mother and stay alive. A group of friends discover the awful truth that lay dormant in an old house. They must stop the demons from entering this world!

After the brutal murder of his best friend Jim, Bobbie is haunted by a presence. Bobbie hires a psychic to contact Jim. Together they unlock the "Secrets of the Clown". Five strangers are abducted by a vampire and put into a maze. Should they fail, they become victims his hunger and placed back into the game to hunt victims. All over the world, the recently deceased are returning to life. But these are not brain-dead zombies. They are organized, intelligent and crave the flesh of the living. A kidnap leads to the most unlikely partnership of a voguish detective and a rogue kingpin who must work against time together to find the culprits and save the child.

When a suave tycoon falls for a feisty croupier, their love at first sight is instantly put to a test. Expelled from the force in the wake of a mission gone tragically wrong, a police sniper determines to take revenge by changing over to the other side of the law. A Beijing man who spends years abroad meets a damsel in distress that turns out to be his nemesis instead. When a hitman suspects he is being targeted for termination, he must find and kill his predator against all odds.

A tragic love story unfolds during the darkest period of Chinese history: the Nanking Massacre in A tragicomedy with depths which combines big themes in an unusual light manner: death, grief and love. It is the winner of the Swiss Film Prize An intense drama about a special and excessive friendship between two young rowers, who fanatically want to reach a level of being like twins to have the same rhythm in the boat. Looking for easy money, three young dropouts auction themselves on the internet: One sells his future, one his past. The third sells his soul. Agnes has got her job and family life under control till she gets from her sister the keys of an apartment where she is to look after the plants.

There everything changes. The winner of the Portuguese Golden Globes develops an enthralling story of political corruption involving a small town mayor and a high-class prostitute, both investigated by a temperamental cop. TOUR EXCESS delivers a dark analytical image of the political and economical status quo in Germany and of the frontiers and ideological trenches which separate the people from each other.

MAK crafts a string of vignettes about seven youngsters about to sit for a major public exam. This is the Cruel Stories of Youth for the Me Generation in this century of globalization and mediocrity. Their stories begin and may end in Shamshuipo, a sin city in HK. Though they are the most unprivileged ones in the society, they could always find their own ways to survive. Mirovision Inc. Shinyoung Shinyoung Bldg. On a Saturday, a special class for 20 top students is held at school.

But in the middle of class, the TV in classroom shows the top student trapped in the water rising tank, screaming and struggling to breathe. One day, after the death of her best friend, seventeen-year-old Soo-na KO Eun-a locks her bedroom door and turns into a Hikikomori. Clara is a forty year old 'tai tai' wealthy lady of leisure who face a mid life crisis and decides to run away to the only place that has ever any sense to her - the shopping centres.

Office: Loews , Tel: 1. Mat's a night cop in the criminal division. His lifelong friend Franck works in the drug squad. When Franck takes things a bit too far, Mat must take matters into his own hands. Three generations, eight characters: old workers, factory executives and yuppies, their stories are the History of China.

Teachers at a rural school, Fiona and Dom are a happy couple sharing a common passion: Latin dancing. One night however, everything changes and their lives turn upside down. Two brothers and a sister witness the disappearance of their childhood memories when they must relinquish the family belongings to ensure their deceased mother's succession.

A terrible accident. Zion and his older brother keep the secret to themselves until Zion re-examines his loyalty towards his brother and decides to take responsibility for his own life. Mont, email: Sales Mont. A group of high school girls call the Devil to have their wishes granted, but cannot end the call until they are dead. A tale about a friendship that's almost something more - Joey Kern and Alexandra Holden play pals who ought be lovers but their timing has never been right.

Thirty-something David is dating dependable Lisa, but the grass looks greener with the quirky Nina. Yael Stroh President , Mr. When a state trooper is killed on the side of the road, the boy discovers his father's dark secret in the barracks' back shed. Based on the Stephen King novel. Teena Maguire should not have tried to shortcut her way home with her daughter that Fourth of July evening … Not after midnight … Not through Rocky Point Park. The son of Ace Ventura begins his own journey as a pet detective in a case involving his mom, rare pandas and the most popular kid in school.

An Arizona cop who grew up in the witness protection program discovers he is a member of a ruthless Russian Mafia crime family which he must infiltrate as an operative for the US Marshals. A historical epic about two Viking brothers, heirs to their clan's throne, who fall in love with a kidnapped English princess. With war on the horizon, their rivalry threatens the future of the Viking age. In a modern retelling of the classic Snow White fairytale, a plumber's daughter and her merry band of misfits upset the social order at their Greek dominated college.

A reality TV show shoot goes terrifying awry when its crew becomes stranded in a remote town. A killer is on the loose, stalking cast and crew one by one. A young girl inspires her mother and a down-and-out trainer with her passion and determination to win a horse riding competition. Middle-England, Joe Mccain, 17 is restless and bored with his life which is going nowhere. A taut, fast-moving heist story, revealed by the suspects through a series of police interrogations.

So, when his Boss calls with an assignment in a remote town he shows little enthusiasm. Director Alan G Parker journeys to discover the truth behind the killing of Nancy Spungen, ex-prostitute, sometime stripper, heroin addict and infamous girlfriend of Sex Pistols' bass guitarist Sid Vicious. South Africa - Fact-based story of self-made Sowetan entrepreneur 'Lucky' Kunene as he climbs the Hillbrow criminal underworld ladder — one grisly rung at a time. Celebrates the life and music of legendary salsa singer Hector Lavoe, pioneer of the sound that redefined a generation of Latin American music fans in the 's and '70's and charts his rapid rise to fame and success.

Researchers at an outpost make a critical error and release an extremely dangerous horde of creatures on the loose after a doorway of an unspeble evil has been open. Noah is a boxer with a tireless opponent: Autism. When he meets Alexia, he discovers another battle: Love. Everyone from Robin Williams to Sarah Silverman show up to help him get his mojo back.

Mindy, comic book super-heroine must save her mentor before he is blown to bits by her obsessive fanboy. She must face-off with comic book villains and mutants. Six people once hurt feel lost. Their worlds come crashing down around them. Three interweaving love stories featuring original songs.

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US Army discovered a microscopic alien form to resurrect dead. The scientist stole the last specimen and the alien form is set loose turning the residence into the walking dead. Daniel loses his family in a car accident but discovered a video camera infusing with power to stop time. This discovery can do only one thing. An environmentalist is trying to discover an alternate fuel source. Journeying through changing sexual landscape, it investigates the latest scientific and social opinions on bisexuality.

Following members of the "whatever generation" teens and twenty-somethings ushering in a new sexual revolution. Based on a true event that captivated the country, a young man from the slums of Rio falls into a life of crime he may find impossible to escape. Ripley" a troubled young woman begins a relationship with her stalker, who may or may not have committed a murder. When his daughter is kidnapped, Jack Bishop must confront his dark past and enlist the help of the cult La Santa Muerte, the worshippers of the Saint of the Dead. Cooper, his uncle and girlfriend head to Chicago to sell a priceless memento at a tradeshow, but are unprepared for a snakepit full of salesmen, crooked dealers and rabid fans.

In an instant the lives of two strangers - a struggling mother and a gambler - converge and change forever. Years later a second encounter gives them unexpected answers. Based on the true story, a grieving jockey overcomes the odds with the help of a veteran horse trainer and wins the Melbourne Cup, the world's most prestigious horse race.

Two co-eds hatch a plot to kill off each other nemesis, until one of them discovers she is being set up. National Lampoon Inc. At the official weekly editorial meeting for The Rag, always the same repost: "Who are we going to get this week? The story of a Hollywood Nobody, set during the Cannes Film Festival, "The Making of Plus One" packs a punch and pokes more than a little fun at the celebrity obsession fuelling the modern day film industry.

Follows a soldier who ventures to America in search of his long lost brother, unaware that his brother may hold the key to a devastating weapon their father developed years ago and that a terrorist now wants to possess. Lesbians, Infertile Couples, Singles, a pair of Gay men and the odd widow who needs the inheritance! A dangerous drug dealer hides his big score in a rare Marilyn Monroe blow up doll. When the deal goes bad and the score goes missing, Marilyn becomes the center of a crazy night filled with coincidences and second chances.

Two Turkish scientists have a solution to the world's energy crisis, but one of them has sold the information to the wrong people. Emre, a chosen member of an elite assassin group that has stood the test of time has to choose between tradition and all that he has known or a chance at love and living a normal life. A quirky relationship drama about a middle aged, successful architect who goes through a mid-life crisis and becomes a playwright. On their last night of Thanksgiving break, four old friends, now all college freshmen, realize their small town has more meaning than they ever imagined.

Shot in real time and one continuous take, PVC-1 is based on the true story of a woman who is turned into a human time bomb in an act of terrorism. Highly Provocative, On The Doll is a story of the victims of child abuse, and the pain it visits upon their later lives.

With interweaving stories following victims and victimizers, the film depicts the variety of experiences of abuse. Tormented by his ungrateful co-workers and trapped in a life of tedium as a welder in a local factory, Roman's one pleasure is his obsession with the elusive beauty Kristen Bell who lives in the apartment in his building complex. Inspired by true events, Stealing Martin Lane offers a window into the life of a disarmingly insightful homeless man, Harold "Chopper" Jones, who is trying to turn his life around.

The amazing love story of an young couple in New York City, an Israeli young man and a Palestinian girl and the history that tries to keep them apart. Seven years after Christy Dawson loses her father, she begins having dreams about him. What she doesn't know is that she is beginning her future as a Dreamer. New Horizons Picture Corp. The last thing 11 year old Timmy Rogers wants is to spend the 4th of July camping in the forest. But when Timmy accidentally gets in the wrong car at the rest stop, he overhears.

Tel: 46 0 8. Fax: 46 0 8. When the Berlin Wall breaks down, the father of a Finnish family brings home a cute puppy, Stormheart. No one in the family knows anything about the dog, not even its breed. Little by little, the mystery of Stormheart unravels. Junior, a teenage gnome, embarks on a heroic journey together with his best friend Sneaky, a paranoid neurotic crow.

A peaceful summer day in the Moomin Valley is interrupted by a volcanic eruption. At the last minute the Moomin family finds refuge in a strange house. The Summer of Four youths on a hiking trip are abducted and dropped off in the woods. Someone is out hunting and they're the prey. Jarle Klepp has got everything and will soon launch punk band with his buddy. But then Yngve, the new boy in class appears. One night two vampire sisters, Vera and Vanja, make a fatal mistake that forces them to run and fight for their lives while being chased by a biker-gang. After it's revealed that he had an affair with his girlfriend's eighteen year old daughter, a self-destructive fifty-something struggles to recapture a sense of balance and propriety in his life.

A young girl rises from the ashes of tragedy to become the most feared warrior woman of all time: the She-Devil with a Sword. A comedy about an Ivy League professor who is tricked into going home to Oklahoma where he becomes embroiled in his pot-dealing twin brother's problems. A death row inmate is helping to reform a group of juvenile delinquents in a Scared Straight program when a large-scale riot breaks out. Odd Lot International, Jefferson Blvd. In this tale of spell binding suspense, something evil lurks just beneath the lush surfaces of a teenaged girl's private school world - and it holds the rights to her very soul.

Following the deadly climax of "Green Street Hooligans," several members of the West Ham firm and numerous members of Millwall end up in jail. A brilliant young scientist named Tom Mahoney fights to save the planet from a multitude of catastrophes that threaten mankind -- in spite of the idiots that keep getting in his way. A literary professor and decent family man, John Halder Mortensen explores his personal circumstances in a novel advocating compassionate euthanasia.

Producer: J. The charming true story of father and son winemakers in Napa Valley and the British Wineshop owner who organized the famous Paris Tastings of that put California wines on the map and changed viticulture forever. Key Cast: Samuel L. Based on Will Eisner's The Spirit, the action-adventure-romance tells the tale of a rookie cop who returns from the dead to fight crime from the shadows of Central City.

Victor's a professional hitman whose emotions are kept strictly under control. Until he meets Rose - a beautiful, freewheeling con-artist. And Victor's latest target. Set in 's Vienna, Marys magical nutcracker doll comes to life on Christmas night, taking her on a whirlwind adventure she'll never forget.

An Education is the story of a teenage girl's coming of age wtih a twist in its tail, told with Hornby's trademark humour and insight. Young Edward meets retired magician Clarence with a liberating strek of anarchy. Is There Anybody There? The touching story of learning to accept your destiny. An English aristocratic falls impetuously in love. Marries a glamorous American woman. But his mother has an instant allergic reaction to her new daughter in law. Paramount Vantage, Melrose Ave. Tells the story of Syracuse Colin Farrell , a local fisherman whose everyday life is transformed by a beautiful and mysterious woman.

Who is Don Ready? Song stylist? Mercenary car salesman? Semi-professional modern dancer? Ready is anything you want him to be, well except semi-professional modern dancer. Twenty-six year old limo driver Marc Pease Jason Schwartzman holds his glory days as a high school theater performer a little too dear. A deadly virus has spread across the globe. Contagion is everywhere, no one is safe, and no one can be trusted. Confidential star in Traitor, a taut international thriller set in the shadowy world of covert counter-terrorism operations.

A group of illegal immigrants attempt to forge an existence in the countries of the European Union. The children of Timpetill are constantly up to no good. For years Joe has lived in dread of encountering Alasdair, the man who killed his brother. So when the two come face to face he has to decide does he shake his hand or kill him? Safari guide Richard Dacier bites off more than he can chew when he challenges a group of gangsters to a game of poker.

Maths professor, Regis Deloux one day acquires the magical power to travel through films, leading him on an incredible journey to meeting the women of his dreams. Threatened by these mystical predators he was trained to kill at an early age. But one day he makes an overwhelming discovery…. So how did he do it…and why?

Like Princess Diana -her direct descendent, Georgiana Duchess of Devonshire was beautiful, glamorous and adored by the public. But while her beauty and charisma made her a household name, one thing always seemed to escape her: love. In a 's Paris suburb, three unemployed stage workers occupy the local music hall where they had worked until a few months ago. Refusing to let anything spoil their romantic weekend break, a young couple confront a gang of loutish youths with terrifyingly brutal consequences. Four friends summon up all their wit and skill and imagination as they go head on into battle with a multinational super-polluter.

Disturbed by the cargo of a white van that overtakes him, Zakes Abbott calls the police believing he is helping the best he can. Peace Arch Entertainment acquires and produces theatrical, home entertainment, and television content for distribution to worldwide markets.

The Play of Man by Karl Groos

Linked together by a life-changing tragedy, the survivors of a multiple murder are each left to comprehend their mortality and redefine their place in society. The final installment in the action-packed fast-paced soccer trilogy, Goal 3 features international stars like Kuno Becker, David Beckham and Alessandro Nivola. A teenage girl turns her babysitting service into a call-girl ring for married men after a tryst with one of her customers.

A teenage Faustian-Thriller about a 17 year old schoolboy who is forced to make the cruel choice of whether or not to sell his soul in order to save the life of his best friend. Five best friends set off on an adventure to honor the death of their missing mentor and hero, and what begins as a quest to make skateboarding history, quickly turns into an ominous battle for survival. Based on his best-selling book, author Deepak Chopra offers a life-altering perspective on the attainment of success through seven simple, yet profound principles.

In , Bo Diddley put together a band that included many famous artists. He cooked them all a barbecue dinner, and then they put on a show. Key Cast: Ernie Reyes, Jr. Porchlight Entertainment, Santa Monica Blvd. In , an international expedition team of three men undertook a quest that no human being has ever fulfilled…. In a time of ancient civilisations. A time when mythology and reality were one and the same.

There was a battle, where a dragon and an Emperor fought side by side to protect China. Prestige Films, P. Yael Stroh Partner , Mr. Michael Grant Director of Sales and Distribution. John Hebron's hard core methods cost him his job with Home Land Security. A psychiatrist is seduced by an other worldly spirit in this film adaptation of the H. Lovecraft story. What do a schizophrenic; a Shakespearean actor, a reluctant thug and a director hell bent on revenge have in common? Jerome Archer is a retired hit man living the straight life as a retail bookstore manager, when he is coerced by a pair of industrious United States Census Bureau agents to hunt down a dangerous, young contract killer.

Jack and Jill rob a bank to revive their rocky marriage. Their getaway hits a snag when handsome stranger Kruger makes a play for the money. A terminally ill crime boss hires a hitman to carry out his own assassination, as well as the assassination of the woman he loves -- who happens to be the hitman's long-lost lover. A scenic family camping trip takes a horrific turn for the worst when they must fight for their lives and their country against rogue terrorists in the rugged wilderness. A small town in the Florida Everglades is overcome by a deadly, hideous, and virtually unstoppable creature that dwells in the swampy depths.

This is the cult classic satire from the late, great Paul Bartel. If you don't know about it already - you should! A sometimes sexy, sometimes enlightening, and always witty tale about two best friends coming to terms with women, adult life, and responsibility — in that order. When two down-on-their luck thieves find a year old Chinese artifact, they think they're in luck. The members of a bank heist go to retrieve their money in a remote forest — only to discover someone got there first, and is hunting them down. A fifteen year old student brings a camcorder to school in a quest for the ultimate thrill: recording his own suicide.

In the misty dawn of the Dark Ages, a princess fights to regain her Kingdom, and the freedom of her people. As the premier youth sports vehicle, Kids Who Rip features the next generation of extreme sports superstars, loaded with bags of crazy tricks. Stephen Tobolowsky is one of the busiest and most recognizable actors in Hollywood -- riveting in this engaging documentary as he tells of his experiences in Hollywood, in growing up, and in life.

QED International, N. Highland Ave. A beautiful young woman from a wealthy construction family attempts to prove herself to her father and competitive brothers by taking on a difficult demolition assignment in a remote park. Fifteen years after her daughter is kidnapped in Central Park, a lonely woman Sigourney Weaver encounters a troubled young girl Kate Bosworth and is slowly convinced she has finally found her missing child.

Ex-boxer Paul Choquino decides to finance his upcoming wedding by robbing reputed drug lord Benito Mussolini Bonacci. A highly contagious virus has turned the people of the world into brain hungry zombies. Three friends are left to save the world or not. A soldier is sent to a desolate alien planet to unlock the mystery of an intergalactic conspiracy. Three interconnecting stories about rural people in South Central Pennsylvania looking for their happiness.

Flesh-eating zombies are terrorizing the city, and they must save their daughter. After being detained and brutally tortured by a covert US government agency, an innocent woman is used as a weapon to assassinate the head of a terrorist cell. Two lifeguards, a hopeless romantic and a ladykiller, find themselves in one love triangle after another, continuously distracted from keeping their eyes on the water. Jimmy Garren will stop at nothing to get his daughter back, even if it means coming out of retirement and entering the cage for one last deadly fight. Adam has the HOTS for the most popular girl in high school.

When senior skip day gets canceled, he makes a decision that may cost him his diploma but impress the girl. Baby, motherless, impoverished and just out of prison, attempts to rekindle his first love, gain control of his life and willing kill anyone in his way.