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  4. Book Review: Witch Light by Susan Fletcher

The stone is affected by the presence of adamas , considered its "sister stone", and receives its glow from it, as though reflecting the light inherent in the heavenly metal.

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The stones are then broken up and polished by Iron Sisters , and Marked to make their glow a property that can be turned on and off at the will of the Shadowhunter holding them. Although witchlight normally does not respond to the touch of mundanes and Downworlders , it glows a deep red, instead of the usual bright white, when held by Magnus Bane , [1] as a result of his ancestry, as his father, Asmodeus , is a fallen angel.

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  • While the glow of witchlight stones never fade or dissipate, it can still be destroyed by pulverizing the stone into dust; upon the destruction of the stone, the angelic light absorbed within it will dissipate; as a result, one never finds "witchlight sand" or the like. The largest single witchlight crystal in the world can be found in the Silent City in the form of the Angelic Colossus, a representation of the Triptych, the familiar motif of Raziel ascending from the water of Lake Lyn , wielding the Mortal Instruments.

    The crystal stands roughly thirty feet tall, and it guards and lights the entrance to the Silent Brothers ' living quarters. The Colossus is rarely seen by anyone other than the Silent Brothers, however, so those interested in large installations of witchlight are encouraged to visit the Cluj Institute , where the renowned Vampire Arch forms the threshold to the Institute.

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    • Corrag by Susan Fletcher.
    • She also has feelings which are easy to relate to — loneliness, fear of pain, longing, and affection. Once in Glencoe, she gives the mountains her own nicknames which really brings the place alive.

      'The Revenant' isn't the only beautiful film to eschew studio lighting lately.

      I mean, come on. In fact, once I finished this book I lent it to my mum. And we actually did go!

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      Dad found a little cottage in Glencoe to rent for a week, and when we got there we mentioned Witch Light to the owner. Cue the biggest fangirl freak-out of my life! Overall, I was pretty impressed with this book. I fell completely, totally, and irrevocably in love with it. Just please, go and find out for yourselves.

      Witch Light by Susan Fletcher

      I think that everyone can get something out of this story. If you like historical fiction, you should read this. If you like witches, you should read this. If you like words and paper in general, you should read this.

      Witch Light Synopsis

      You get the picture. To end, here is my favourite quote for a little taster:. Yet Corrag herself refuses to see the bad in the world. She sees only good and her vision is exquisite. Fletcher spent time in the Highlands researching this book and it shows in every blade of grass, skein of moss or slipslide in weather described so lovingly yet unaffectedly.

      Book Review: Witch Light by Susan Fletcher

      In Glencoe, with my hair blowing out. With Alasdair with me. Say yes to this?

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      Say yes? It pulled me in, this book; it cast a spell. As I reached the end, reading by the fire, aware of the crackle of flames, I barely dared turn each page for I was there, right there in the cell with her, heart breaking.